Award-winning business journalist

Business & Finance Journalist


Business & Finance Writing

Ellie Ismailidou is an awarded business & finance journalist and writer, with a decade of experience covering the interworking of money, policy and financial markets. In 2013, Ellie won Columbia Journalism School's prestigious Philip Greer Memorial Award for financial writing. 

Photo  by Rafael Matsunaga/CCBY

Photo by Rafael Matsunaga/CCBY

Markets & Investing

Ellie was a columnist for MarketWatch's popular Market Snapshot and Bond Report columns - together read by nearly 100,000 people every day. Ellie's articles helped tens of thousands of investors make sense of the stock market's daily ups and downs to decipher trends and themes determining the future of their investments.

Photo  by Kotsolis/CC BY-SA 3.0

Photo by Kotsolis/CC BY-SA 3.0

A nation in crisis

Ellie covered the economic crisis in Greece merging her on-the-ground reporting skills with her expertise in economics. A debt crisis can be fascinating but also devastating. Her stories have helped investors understand how and why cities, states and countries continue to fall into the same trap


Public finance and local economy

Ellie has written extensively on public finance and the economics of cities and states in trouble. She covered the public debt crisis in Puerto Rico, the notorious city bankruptcies of Stockton and San Bernardino in California, Michigan’s troubled school districts’ financial problems and the public pension crisis across the U.S.