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Covering the Greek Economic Crisis

Ellie Ismailidou covered the notorious Greek crisis on the ground in Athens, Greece. She was a writer for To Vima, one of the oldest and most prestigious Greek newspapers, and a correspondent for Spanish network Intereconomia.


Ellie Ismailidou joins MoneyBeat at WSJ Live to talk about the effects of the Greek crisis on global markets


European Stocks Tumble as Greece Crisis Roils Markets | Jitters over the financial future of Greece roiled global markets, with equities falling sharply and demand surging for assets considered safest during times of stress. 

Here’s what’s worrying ex-Greek finance minister about Athens’s debt pact | The former finance minister who signed the deal to keep Greece in the eurozone believes a renegotiation of his country’s debt is the key to the future of its economy.

Is Anyone Taking the Potential Greek Default Seriously? | European stocks are steadying despite fears of a Greek default, so who really cares about Greece?


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beneath the surface

Jail time is only making Greece's neo-nazi politicians martyrs | Despite the imprisonments, the Golden Dawn remains the third-most popular party in opinion polls

This may be Greece’s biggest brain drain since the death of Socrates | A devastating brain drain is luring away the best and brightest of Greece’s workforce, several reports showed, with estimates varying between 180,000 and 200,000 well-educated citizens leaving the cash-strapped nation.


The real greece

Why Greeks are ditching the euro for digital barter systems | As Greece has moved into the latest chapter of its economic redevelopment, a barter economy that grew in popularity amid last summer’s strict capital controls has matured into what proponents say could be framework for a cashless economy.

How America's Love for Greek Yogurt Is Actually Hurting Greece | Would you be willing to buy a Greek yogurt brand if it was labeled "Greek-style yogurt" or even "I Can't Believe It's Not Greek Yogurt"? The answer to this question might lead to over a billion dollars in Greek yogurt sales being reallocated from the U.S. to Greece.

Greeks Want the UK to Give Back Their Priceless Artifacts – and George Clooney Agrees | The term "repatriation of Parthenon's marbles" would normally mean little to non-Greeks. But when George Clooney broached the subject at a press conference for his new movie The Monuments Men, the world had to pay attention.

The ‘barrel dogs’ still shame the Greek island of Ikaria | Dozens of dogs are used as ‘living fences’, tied to tin barrels, exposed to the elements, and often left with an inadequate supply of food and water.