I am a business journalist - writer, TV and radio reporter - in English, Spanish and Greek.

My work has been featured on the Wall Street Journal Live, MarketWatch, TIME MagazineForbes MagazineFox News Latino, the Financial Times, Huffington Post Live, cable news channel NY1, New York's WNYC radio, Baltimore's WBAL radio, U.K.-based ShareRadio, Canadian network CTV, Spanish TV network Intereconomíathe Greek Village Voice edition Athens Voiceleading Greek newspaper To Vima,  Greek TV network Star ChannelDebtwire, Alternative Emerging Investor and Mic.com.

I work as a financial journalist at Marketwatch, a part of the Wall Street Journal Digital Network. I cover financial markets all over the world. My mission is to uncover the powerful forces that move markets and explain what this means for you and your wallet.

My other area of focus is the debt crisis in Greece and Puerto RicoI covered the Greek crisis at its peak (2010-2012) on the ground in Athens, Greece - which involved getting tear gassed a few more times than I would care to admit. A debt crisis can be fascinating but also devastating. My mission is to help you understand how and why cities, states and countries continue to fall into the same trap

I am a lawyer-turned-journalist, with a master of science from Columbia University Journalism School. I also hold a European JD equivalent degree from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and am a member attorney of the Athens Bar Association in Athens, Greece.

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My work has also been translated into Italian and German.