Stories. Sad, funny, shocking, inspiring. Stories of faith and perseverance. Of betrayal and regret. Of success and failure. Stories of people, groups, nations. Stories of struggle.

I have been fascinated by the power of stories for as long as I can remember.

I am currently producing and co-hosting SectorWatch, a 100-episode video series that runs across the Wall Street Journal Digital Network, including WSJ Video and MarketWatch. The series profiles thought leaders and trends that are changing the face of different industries.

I also worked as a financial journalist at MarketWatch, covering stock and bond markets all over the world.

Before joining the MarketWatch team, I covered public finance and municipal bond markets for Debtwire, an international financial news wire. I focused on Puerto Rico's financial crisis, the public pension debacle and city bankruptcies all over the nation.

I never thought of myself as a Wall Street person. I preferred telling stories about people. 

I discovered that financial journalism is much more than just reporting on numbers. Because these are numbers that have real consequences for (very real) people. And I make a living out of discovering and telling stories about how those numbers affect people like you (and me). 

I am a graduate of Columbia University Journalism School, with a Masters of Science in Digital Media. At Columbia, I focused on business and economics journalism and won the Philip Greer Memorial Award for financial writing.

I hold a European law degree, the equivalent of a JD, from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the largest Greek university. I spent a semester at the University of Barcelona Law School as a recipient of the Erasmus Scholarship sponsored by the European Union.   

Of all the places I've called home, Greece is what makes my heart beats faster.

For many years I reported on the socio-economic impact of the Greek financial crisis in Athens, Greece.

I covered the Greek crisis on the ground between 2010 and 2012 for Greek newspaper To Vima (i.e. The Tribune), one of the oldest and most influential Greek newspapers.

I was teargassed a few times. I drove to a high security prison every day to cover a high-profile terrorist trial. I met people who suffered through the crisis and people that persevered.

I covered sectors as diverse as the local economy and small businesses, online entrepreneurship, judicial affairs and gender issues.

My legal studies gave me a whole new insight into the human experience. To my curious eyes, every legal case was – and still is – a new intriguing story of yearning, struggle and often revenge. 

Working as a young lawyer for A. Harokopou and Associates Law Offices I delved into the mysteries of constitutional and public law – in a country infamous for its bureaucratic paranoia, which never ceases to surprise me.

I am a member attorney of the Athens Bar Association in Athens, Greece. 

Day and night, dozens of stories are dancing through my thoughts, inviting me to put them to words. I have attempted to give them life through playwriting, screenwriting, directing and acting improvisation. You can read some of my one-act plays here (English translation pending).

You can contact me via email (e.ismailidou@gmail.com) or find me on Facebook (Ellie Ismailidou). You can write to me in English, Greek, Spanish, French, German or Catalan and I will respond as soon as I can.

I would be happy to listen to your stories. As the ancient Greek sage, Solon, put it – and you should know that Greeks love to quote their ancestors – it is my lifelong goal to “grow old learning something new every day”.