Innovative Communities

A place to swap Internet ideas, look for opportunities and take risks

A new generation of Greeks is shyly making an entrance by way of small communities that help young entrepreneurs network. Internet innovators are by and large educated and ambitious, yet they are frustrated upon even hearing the phrase “work in the public sector” – which has been the 'Greek' dream for decades. The economic crisis has not caused them to sink into depression; in fact it has made them even more determined and united. To this group of people a novel invention affords more than just economic opportunity. It’s an idea that can change the world. They denounce political parties, love multinational corporations and - much to the displeasure of the disgruntled Greek grammar police - communicate in a mix of Greek and English!
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Ellie Ismailidou published
October 10th 2011, 'To Vima on Sunday’ print and online edition