Fighting the economic downturn… with spoons and excursions

Conscientious citizens and organizations roll up their sleeves and face the difficult times with smiles on their faces and smart effective ideas to help out their neighbors

Ms. Maria Alipranti is member
of the 'Cooks of love', a group 
of citizens that cook regularly 
for philanthropic institutions

“It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose your own,” said US president Harry Truman to illustrate the cynicism and selfishness that often characterizes times of economic hardship. “The man that saves himself is saved,” is the ancient Greek saying that is often heard when the family budget is tight, savings are depleted and unemployment is on the rise. In times like these the rally cry of the ‘heretics’ promoting ideals of solidarity can sound naïve or romantic. In fact, those who might want to help the less fortunate, usually feel unable to assist others when they can barely eke out a comfortable existence for themselves. However, there are people who prove that the route of resistance to the financial crisis doesn’t have to pass through our wallet. Armed with old books, cooking spoons, second-hand clothes, their skills, knowledge or just their free time, they are rolling up their sleeves and taking the crisis into their own hands. 
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Mr. Makis Prodromou among the 
volunteers of ‘’, a 
group of people that organize free 
bazaars in the city of  Thessaloniki
The 'Excursion of Love' is a group
of citizens that organize and 
accompany children from orphanages 
and other institutions to free 
Ellie Ismailidou, published November 28th 2010, 'To Vima on Sunday' print and online edition