Welcome to my personal website! 

You are invited to take a closer look at my miscellaneous writing, photos and stories on Greek and international current affairs. You can also watch my videos and listen to excerpts from radio shows in which I participated.

I am currently working as a staff writer for ‘To Vima’, one of the oldest and most influential Greek newspapers. I write for the print Sunday edition ‘To Vima on Sunday’, I create multimedia stories for ‘To Vima Online’ and videos for ‘To Vima WebTV’ and I participate in radio shows at ‘Vima FM'. I have also published articles in the influential Athens free press ‘Athens Voice’ and I have worked as a part-time online reporter for Greek online news platform 'Tvxs'.

The majority of the stories and multimedia projects featured in this website were originally produced in Greek - as are most of the stories I write everyday. I decided to translate a selection of my work in answer to a need for communication unaffected by language barriers. 

Although this website primarily serves as an online portfolio, it also aims to give an inside look at the complexities of Greek current affairs through the eyes of its citizens. Ultimately, this website invites you to an online intellectual journey between Greece and the world.
If you would like to read about me and my work in Greek, click here.